How can I book a hunt with Hunt Hickory Creek?

First you should contact Jeff for available dates. Then, to secure your trip date, there is a deposit due at the time of booking. Deer hunts require a $400 deposit, turkey hunts and predator hunts require a $200 deposit.

It is the hunter's responsibility to apply for an either sex deer permit available on-line at the KDWP website. There is an April 1 - April 31 application time period. Once the permit has been drawn you then purchase a Kansas Non-Resident hunting license on-line through the KDWP website. There has been a 100% success rate on the Non-resident deer permit drawing for previous years.

What type of lodging does Hunt Hickory Creek offer?

Lodging is included in the price of all our hunts. We have lodging that will accommodate any size group large or small. We have bunkhouse type sleeping quarters, and single bedrooms - both have full bathrooms. Lodges also include a kitchen, dining room, and living room with Cable TV and DVD player.

Do we need to bring any bedding or sleeping bags?

No. All bedding, pillows, sheets, and blankets are provided. However, if you have a special pillow or a stuffed animal, feel free to bring it. We also provide all bath towels, and washcloths

Is there a clothes washer and dryer?

Yes! A washer and dryer are provided. If you have a special scent-free soap, feel free to bring it.

What kind of tree stands do you use? Can I bring my own stand?

We utilize both fixed and ladder stands. The fixed stands from 18ft to 25ft are accessed via strap-on ladder steps. The ladder stands 16ft-20ft. We also use tower blinds on some properties and have some tent blinds for quick ambush setups. If you have a stand that you're comfortable with, bring it along just in case.

Are there any trophy fees?

Absolutely Not!! We have no hidden fees. We do enforce an $1,000 fine for any buck less than 140 inches that is harvested. This is not an effort to make money, rather a tool used in our goal of Quality Deer Management. (Fine is enforced at the judgment of Hickory Creek Management).

What is the best time to come hunt with Hunt Hickory Creek?

Hunt Hickory Creek is set up for all season success. We set our stands for all types of hunting situations including early season, pre-rut, rut, and post-rut. With our food plot program and plenty of crop ground, funnels pinch points, and water holes, we feel this allows us to effectively harvest deer at all points of the season.

Can I film my hunt?

Yes! If you film yourself or have someone in your group that has tagged out film you. We can hang extra stands just for that. Nothing better then having the whole camp see your success!!!!

Reserve your hunting adventure with Hunt Hickory Creek.